December 22, 2019

List of Top 11 Music torrent sites to download music for free

Are you looking to download your favorite albums through torrents? Are you looking for some best music torrent sites? many people are love listening to music to overcome their stress. Really we have a great feeling while listening to music. Do you love music? if yes, so you are in the right place because now I am going to share some music torrent sites.

The torrent site is a file, that contains metadata about files to distributed, moreover, it works as a list of network locations of trackers. Basically torrent sites contain information about those files such as their name, sizes, the folder structure for verifying file integrity.

By using these torrent sites you can stream and download your favorite music instantly. No matter you’re in the journey, office work or anywhere you can stream your favorite music. Apart from music, you can stream and download movies, games, photos, e-books or any software for free online.

The List of free Music Torrents

There are many torrents sites but I filtered for some of the best torrents for music and listed them.

Let see what are those.

1. The Pirate Bay

The pirate bay is an online directory of the digital content of entertainment communications. It allows users to search for downloads and contributes lodestone links.

If your hassle to stream your required content online then you can stream and download your favorite music, movies, games, software, ebooks for free at pirate Bay.

The pirate bay is a file-sharing website so, you can stream and download your required content for free without any hassle.

Official website:

2. Extra Torrentdigital

If you are really looking for music torrents then Extra Torrent is also there for you. It is an online index of digital content of entertainment media like a pirate bay.

Extra torrent contributes your required music for free online streaming and download. Moreover, it offers movies, news, sports, ebooks, or any software for free. All these you can stream and download any time anywhere.

Extra torrent has the simplest design so, you can easily find your required content here.

official website:

3.ETTV Torrent

ETTV is also one of the best sources to stream and downloads your required content online. It is a group of uploaders and a part of Extra TV. Still, thy are uploading content through their accounts in other links like some other popular sites.

ETTV torrent allows you to stream and download music, latest movies, anime, videos, e-books, episodes of tv shows and more. To find your required content is quite easy at ETTV.

official website:

4. Sky Torrent

Sky torrent is a privacy-focused search engine for music, movies, anime, tv shows and, etc. Moreover, whatever you search at sky torrent, it will provide exactly what you want or relevant content.

If you want to listen to music, watching movies, tv shows, news, anime movies, etc sky torrent is the best place to browse everything. Besides, it is an ad-free and non-tracking search engine so, you can stream and download everything without any hassle.

official website:

5. Torrent Downloads

Torrent download is one of the best sources of music torrent sites. It offers you a variety of music like pop, hip hop, folk, rap and more. You can stream and download your favorite songs at Torrent downloads.

Moreover, it has total information about an album like album name, movie name, year, director, etc. So, you find your required content very easily.

official website:

6. BT Scene

I  can say that the BT scene is an amazing torrent site.  Because, it contributes to user requirements like streaming and downloading of movies, news, games, music, anime, ebooks, or any software for free.

Moreover, it gives good quality content with high speed. So, you can find instantly your favorite music, movies, anime, etc for ad-free.

official website:



If you are unable to find your required content anywhere then you ill go with music This is also one of the best torrent sites to find your favorite music instantly. and

It offers you music in various kinds like rock, pop, hip hop, classical, rhythm, jazz, blues and etc for free HD. Moreover, music torrent gives you old and latest music so, you can stream and download your favorite music at music

official website:

8. 1337x

1337x is a website that produces a catalog of torrent files and magnet links used for p2p file sharing through the bit torrent protocol. It is one of the popular torrents in the world. 1337x has a simple interface so, you can find your required music easily. 

Moreover, it offers you to stream and download movies, e-books, games, software, tv shows, news, sports and etc for free online without any hassle.

official website:

9. Torrent9

Torrent9 is also the best source to find music.  By using torrent9 we can find our favorite music easily. Because it has a simple interface with different category music albums on its home page like pop, classical, rock. hip hop and more.

So, this is the best place to find your required music for free anywhere without any trouble. Furthermore, it offers old and latest music for its users.

official website:

10. Tor lock

Tor Lock is another source of music torrents. It offers a user required content with good quality. Furthermore, it has special tracks for music.

it contributes to music in classical, hip hop, rock, pop, and more verities of music. Here finding your favorite music is very easy because it has a simple interface like other 1337x torrent sites.

Here I mention its official link below so, you can stream and download your required music without any issues.

official website:


11. Lime Torrents

If you want to stream or download for music lime torrent is the correct place for that. It offers a variety of music for its users. Apart from the music, you can stream and download movies, tv shows, books, software, anime, games and etc for free online.

Lime torrent is the best to search engines so, you can stream anything at lime torrent for free online. Searching for your required content at lime torrent is very easy because it has a simple interface and it has a special category for everything. You can search for your favorite content at Lime torrent without getting any hassle.

official website:



If you are literally searching for the best music torrent sits so, all the above-suggested torrents will help you. By using this torrent sits you can stream and download your favorite music at any time anywhere without any hassle. Apart from music, these torrents will contribute movies, tv shows, news, ebooks, etc for free streaming and downloads.

No matter you are in office, journey, occasion or any public place you can listen to your required music spontaneously. Moreover, you can stream and download movies, tv shows, ebooks, news, etc if you need to.

I hope all these torrents will helps those who are looking for the best torrents for music. If I forget to suggest any best torrent for music, please put it in the comment section below if you have any reliable torrent for music.


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