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Best Instagram Story Viewers anonymous

Instagram story viewer anonymous: Instagram is the most popular social media platform. It has been surprising users with its amazing features. Here, you can share photos and videos with your followers and friends. Apart from these, Instagram lets you share photos and videos to stories that will appear until 24 hours. And people can see who viewed their Instagram stories.

Have you ever wondered how to view someone’s Instagram stories anonymously? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. Yes, in this guide we will let you know how to view Instagram anonymously using Instagram story viewers. Of course, there are many Fee Instagram story viewers available online for you. But, choosing the right one is quite difficult. So that, we’ve explored and listed the best 5 Instagram viewers anonymous.

So, why late guys? let’s get started to choose your favorite story viewer from the below list.

List of best Instagram story viewers anonymously

 1. Dumpor

Best instagram story viewers anonymously

Dumpor is one of the best Instagram story viewers. As you can see on the above image, it will allow you to watch anonymously not only Instagram stories but also you can download stories, posts, reels. Moreover, dumpor lets you view someone’s profiles and analyze their followers, likes, comments without them knowing.

Just, you have to search in the search bar with  Instagram profiles, tags, or location and watch IG stories, posts anonymously without getting a login.

Apart from viewing anonymously, here you can even download videos and stories by just pasting the link of that particular video.

2. Stories IG

Best Instagram story viewers anonymously

If you want to watch someone’s Instagram stories, videos anonymously,  Stories IG is the perfect option for you. This also allows you to watch and download IG stories, reels anonymously as same as Dumpor. But, Here, you can also watch and download  IGTV videos,  Instagram story Highlights anonymously without any cost.

The person doesn’t identify that you’ve viewed their stories, IGTV videos, reels. Stories IG keeps everything anonymous. Moreover, you don’t need to have an Instagram account or log in just you have to enter the person’s username that’s it. Everything will be visible to you and also it is a free Instagram story viewer.

3. Anonymous story

Best 5 instgaram story viewers anonymously

If you open an Anonymous then you’re able to see a simple interface with clear options. It will show you two options one is to download videos or stories by pasting the link of that particular video, IGTV video, or story. So, if you want to download your required content from someone’s Instagram, just enter the link in the search bar of download.

Or else, if you want to watch the stories, videos, or IGTV videos anonymously, from someone’s Instagram, just enter their user name or paste the link in the search bar of watch anonymously.

It will allow you to watch and download even IG highlights, stories, IGTV videos, and reels anonymously and without any registration and login required.

4. Anon IG Viewer

Top5 instagram story viewers anonymously

Anon Ig viewer is a free Instagram story viewer online. By using this application, you can watch and download your required videos or stories from other Instagram accounts as same as dumpor, anonymous story, and stories IG.

This is a thoroughly free and trouble-free Instagram story viewer. So, you can watch and download stories, videos of someone on Instagram without them knowing. It will allow you to download videos on your PC, computer, and mobile without any login. If you want to watch Instagram stories anonymously, you don’t need to have your IG account, just enter the person’s username in its search bar that’s it, it will show you that person’s profile.

5. Stories Down

Top 5 Instagram story viewers anonymously

Stories Down are yet another Instagram story viewer tool. It will work like Dupor, anonymous story, and more. Here, you can watch and download someone’s Instagram stories and reels, posts, profiles and also IGTV videos secretly. The user doesn’t notice that someone viewed their stories, posts, and reels.

So, if you want to view and download IG stories, Highlights, IGTV videos of someone’s, stories Down are the best anonymous Instagram story viewer for you. Moreover, It doesn’t require any login or registration and thoroughly free-to-use tool.

FAQs on Instagram stories

Can someone see who viewed their Instagram story?

Yes, Instagram allows its users to check who viewed their Instagram stories and how many visits they have for that story.

Can you see anonymous viewers on Instagram?

As of now know. If you’re watching Instagram stories using an anonymous story viewer,  there are no tools to see the anonymous viewers on Instagram.

Do anonymous story viewers work?

Absolutely yes. You can view someone’s Instagram stories by switching on your airplane mode on your device either android or iPhone and view someone’s stories on Instagram.

Final thoughts!

If you want to view someone’s Instagram stories anonymously, all the above Instagram viewers are free and well-working  Instagram story viewers. So, by using these sources, you can watch others’ IG stories without them knowing. I hope, this guide will help all those who want to view and download someone’s Instagram stories and posts anonymously. Now over to you. Do you have any queries regarding this guide? If you have, let me know in the comments section.

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