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Top 10 Pinterest Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2024

“Out with the old, in with the new!”

2022 is right around the corner, and if you want to get ahead of the competition, you need to start gearing up for the year to come!

Social media platforms are a marketing ground nowadays. But with ever-changing social media algorithms, it’s not that easy to promote your business on these platforms.

How do you keep up with fast-paced changes? Simple – by being two steps ahead.

This post will walk you through 10 Pinterest marketing trends to look out for in 2022. Keep this list in your back pocket so you’ll be ready to adapt your Pinterest marketing strategy for the coming changes. No surprises wanted here!

You must be dying to ask, why Pinterest? 

Sure, most of us know Pinterest to be a superb platform for collecting images, ideas and inspiration. But it is a lot more than just an image collection platform.

Pinterest is a powerful social marketing tool. It’s a visual search engine – much like Google – that carries spot-on results for just about any interest you might have. 

What’s more, Pinterest now has items available for purchase, and that is only the beginning. 

This untapped marketplace shows real potential for money-making, and if your business is not on Pinterest, you’re missing out on something big.

Not quite convinced yet? Don’t take my word for it. Let the numbers make the case. 

Pinterest Statistics You Should Know

  • Pinterest is ranked the 14th most prominent social platform in the world.
  • As of 2021, Pinterest has over 478 million+ monthly active users; 70% are female.
  • 85% of people who use Pinterest (pinners) use the mobile app.
  • 50% of Pinterest users reside outside the U.S.
  • 50% of U.S. users are using Pinterest to shop.
  • 89% or 9 in 10 Pinners are on Pinterest to get purchase inspiration.
  • 84% of Pinners have made a purchase based on seeing a branded pin.
  • 97% of top searches on Pinterest have no brands
  • Pinners are 3x more likely to click and check a brand’s website than other social media platforms.

With these facts in mind, you already know that ignoring the ingenuity of Pinterest would be a tragic mistake. Pinterest will allow your brand to reach millions of users, not just in the U.S. but also worldwide. Take a hint from your competitors and get on board!

Now that you know the power of Pinterest, let’s finally take a look at some trends we can leverage to get more clicks on our Pinterest pins in the year ahead. 

Let’s cruise through our list of 10 Pinterest marketing trends in 2022. 

10 Pinterest Marketing Trends In 2022

1. Clean and Green

If you’re planning on tapping into the Pinterest market, there’s one thing you should know – pinners are all about sustainability. 

If you’re offering or promoting a product or service in this app, make sure it checks all the eco-friendly boxes. Pinners are always on the lookout for ways to reduce carbon footprint and live sustainably, so be extra conscious about the products you promote here.

Leverage the sustainability trend – it will bring more traffic to your site and contribute to the advocacy. Consider it a bonus that your business is taking steps towards positive change and bringing awareness to the care of the environment. 

Sprinkle in keywords such as zero waste, environment-friendly, and sustainable, and get pins along the way. 

2. Travel and Leisure

The COVID-19 pandemic seems to be simmering down. People are now packing their suitcases and gearing up to follow through on postponed travel plans. 

As borders are starting to open up, your marketing strategy for 2022 must tread along the lines of travel and leisure. Prepare some vacation-friendly content such as travel tips and how-to’s, freshest outdoor fashion finds, and ideas for safe and responsible travel. Maybe add on some vacation spot recommendations and travel itinerary guides. 

3.  Mindfulness & self-love

 Wellness will continue to be a priority in 2022.

Because of the insane world we live in, more and more people are suffering from extreme stress, burnout, anxiety, and other mental health concerns, which means people will be searching for ideas and products that will help them find peace and relaxation.  

Provide comforting content that promotes self-love, mindfulness and healing. Consider promoting products such as scented candles, massage oils, therapy journals, healing crystals and relaxing aromas. 

Throw in some self-affirmations and meditation tips for good measure. 

4.  Work From Home 

Because of the pandemic, the traditional office setting might be a thing of the past. People seem to be loving the work-from-home setup, and it’s likely here to stay. 

Working from home requires a cozy office space that inspires productivity. Therefore, people would welcome content featuring home office decor inspirations, comfortable furniture, tips for maintaining work-life balance, and even reviews of the latest productivity apps and software. 

Package your content complete with images they can draw inspiration from. If you’re in the business of selling some home and office products or providing design and renovation services, drop your website link in your post for pinners to see. 

5. Augmented reality (AR) 

Augmented reality is no longer in the distant future. Perhaps we all know by now – there’s no stopping this technology from making a grand entrance. 

AR is not a new concept. It’s being used already these days, although in more subtle ways than intended, such as in Instagram or TikTok filters. AR is pretty awesome, and soon enough, people will be eager to get on board. 

Include AR and other latest technology in your marketing strategy. Feed pinners’ growing curiosity and excite them with the newest tech releases, reviews, and updates. Promote futuristic products and cool new gadgets that are worth splurging on.

6. Marketing 101

The economy took a nosedive the past few years because of the pandemic. Now, the world is making its way towards recovery. 

With a recuperating market, it is expected that more people will ride the tide and finally start working on their entrepreneurial dreams. 

Use your Pinterest content to guide pinners towards business success by promoting learning and productivity tools, business management apps, and platforms offering skill-building courses. Use self-help keywords and share educational materials for budding entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners—Pitch ideas for side hustles or easy to manufacture products that they can sell online. 

For pinners already in business, entice them with business fashion ideas, office organization inspirations, or finance and marketing advice. 

7.  Nostalgic Fashion

In 2021, 90s fashion took the market by storm. Who would have thought that scrunchies, tie-dyed T-shirts, and straight-leg jeans would make such a powerful comeback?

 It just goes to show that in the fashion world, history repeats itself. 

If you want to get ahead, come up with posts featuring nostalgic fashion trends. Dig up old magazines and be on the lookout for possible revivals. It would also be a good marketing strategy to encourage pinners to dress sustainably by shopping from sustainable and ethical fashion brands or bringing old outfits back to life.

Be sure to lock it in with interesting visuals and provide links that will lead pinners directly to the seller’s shop.

8. Strength and Fitness

Pretty soon, people who have long been indoors will start going out and socializing. People would want to look their best before reuniting with friends and loved ones. 

 With this, Pinterest marketers can expect an influx of fitness content on their feeds. Hop on this trend by making content that promotes healthy and sustainable diets, muscle enhancing supplements, trendy workouts, athletic wear, and responsible gym etiquette. You can also post content that would encourage users to exercise outdoors for a change. 

9. Content that promotes positivity

Pinterest is a goldmine for meaningful content, and it’s no secret that pinners love interacting with brands that spread positivity and support important causes. 

If you have the knack for creating inspirational content that spreads a positive message, turn this into an effective marketing strategy. It can be as simple as posting graphics with motivational quotes. After all, visuals play an influential role on Pinterest.

If you don’t have a team of graphic designers on your roster, plenty of social media graphic maker software is available online. Save time by using premade templates that are perfectly optimized for Pinterest. Use free and easy-to-use software like Removal.AI and Adobe Spark to get the job done!

10. Eats and Bites

Pinners are always hungry – hungry for the latest food trends, that is! It’s going to be the same in 2022.

Pinterest is one of the best places to search for food pictures, recipes, and food preparation ideas. Marketers can take advantage of this by posting mouth-watering photos of trending foods, comprehensive food reviews, or even easy-to-follow recipes. 

Note that pinners are very much interested in healthy recipes, so be sure to include recipes fit for different kinds of diets. Also, consider the season when posting food content. Choose warm and comforting foods for the cold season and opt for tropical-themed foods for warm days.

As social media marketers, we need to keep our eyes peeled for the latest trends. When we know what’s ahead, we can make better and more informed decisions that would best benefit our business. 

Good news for Pinterest marketers: Pinterest is excellent at predicting what’s up and coming. 

For two consecutive years, Pinterest predicted 80% or eight out of ten trends based on rising search activity and engagement. That’s quite impressive! It makes perfect sense as Pinterest is the go-to platform for future planning.

Now, Pinterest isn’t stingy with its innovations. They recently came up with the beneficial Pinterest Trends Tool.

The Pinterest Trends tool is a simple and accessible resource for searching the latest trends on Pinterest. As of now, it’s not yet widely available. Only the U.S. and some accounts outside have early access to it. But who’s to say it won’t catch on in 2022?

The Pinterest trends tool shows users how popular a search term or keyword is compared to other searches on Pinterest. It also gives you an idea of how to search keywords that have performed in the past years to attract user clicks. Keywords will provide you with a clear picture of what people are interested in and what specific topics in the app they are engaging with.

Simply checking the Pinterest Trends home page will immediately give you a glimpse of what’s trending on the platform today. 

Ready to take these Pinterest trends for a spin? 

A well-planned social media marketing strategy entails knowing the latest, trendiest marketing trends and curating realistic predictions. To compete, you have to understand what your customers are searching for and when. 

Put a pin on our list of Pinterest marketing trends for 2022 and use them to unlock opportunities to grow your brand. As Pinterest continues to expand, make sure you are two steps ahead of your competitors. 

Author’s Bio:

Shelly is one of the women behind SaaSLaunchr,  a SaaS marketing service provider agency offering SaaS SEO, blog outreach services, and content marketing. She loves to write about technology, SaaS, telehealth, and finance. 

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