How to Get Clients for Your Digital Marketing Agency

Starting a digital marketing agency and proving your talent can be hard due to the highly competitive market of digital marketing, Here, we cover the most important aspects of positioning yourself the right way to land your desired clientele. These are elements that will make it easier to put your brand forth for a better reach. 

What is digital marketing?(Introduction)

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving platform with different creative ideas on the internet every time you look away.

Every company attracts a specific audience that may spread across different platforms which is why it helps to know your platforms in order to produce a better form of marketing. The first thing to note about digital marketing is the platforms, there are many different platforms and the most important ones are;

  •  Facebook
  •  Instagram
  •  Twitter
  • Tiktok
  •   Snapchat
  •  YouTube
  • LinkedIn

Apart from this, there are other platforms that are also relevant but these are the main platforms that have made brands and broken brands.

The power of social media is limitless which makes campaign ideas just as limitless. That being said, standing out on social media is not easy as every idea exists in different formats on all platforms and it will always dial down the approach taken towards the campaign.

Much like a winning idea on these platforms, Onboarding clients is just as challenging with so many options and marketers to choose from, it all comes down to the approach taken with the brand and the pitch to join your digital marketing agency. However, don’t lose hope, there are still ways to stand out in a sea of creativity.

What are the primary challenges?

Initially, it will be difficult to establish the business even for recognition off the bat because of how saturated the industry has become. The first challenge would be to establish your company’s goal and objective.

 As easy as this sounds, it’s the first step to creating your brand because at the end of the day when a client looks at who you are or what your company does, they are going to focus on what kind of work you have done or at what you have done in the past. Creating a brand out of your agency will help with that drastically as that allows the client to view the bandwidth you are capable of. 

Such as Echovme Digital, Our founder and digital marketing influencer Sorav Jain embarked on showcases his skills and knowledge and this didn’t just impress the initial clientele, It propelled Echovme into one of the leading digital marketing agencies in chennai -india!

Here are 10 ways you can strengthen your clientele:

1.      Develop a worthy pitch to attract the clientele that you desire

 Make yourself your own client and see what you can come up with. Set up meetings and pitch. The only way to get better is to keep tweaking your pitch. 

Make 2-5 potential client personas and base them on your brand’s demographic, This is a creative method that helps you understand how a client may react to your product or service, this would also help find the pain points of the clients. This is a way to improve your pitch for a higher success rate! 

2.      Generate leads through existing databases that help you find clients

 Invest in lead Generation software. This is an easy method to find an initial direction to push your brands to progress in the right direction. Make use of online directories. This is an age-old method that has worked for decades. Though it may seem outdated It is not phased out yet. 

This would be a good way to find out who your potential clients and competitors are and how many established clients you can pitch to. Join a group discussion pertaining to your brand and participate while subtly marketing your brand.

 Purchase a database of potential clients, yes this is an easy way to get started and see how the feedback is to your pitch so by the end of the database you might have a foolproof pitch!

3.      Build your brands reputation 

Now, this may seem like a challenge in the initial stages but that’s only because the internet is a tough platform to penetrate through. Blogging tips and tricks on marketing will put your brand across as knowledgeable and noteworthy and clients will find it easier to trust you!

 Writing a book on digital marketing or even one main product in focus will help boost your reputation. The logic behind this is that If you can write a whole book you can definitely come up with a successful strategy for a brand. This may not be entirely true but let’s make the clients think it is. 😉 

Market your brand on social media platforms by posting relatable content pertaining to your brand and the approach you want to put into your campaigns. 

4.      Approach clients directly 

Never stop pitching to the clients, The more you pitch to your clients, the easier it is to create a good flow and relate to the clients easier, this will help develop bonds and ideas about your quality of work. 

Identify companies that you would like to work with and approach them directly. As they are pre-identified companies you would find it easier to pitch to the clients and onboard them. This also helps to make the pitch extremely personalized to them. 

5.      Stay connected  to your potential clients 

This will help you stay visible amongst everyone who is even remotely interested in you. They may want to connect with you over the quality of your work, for price inquiries, and so on.  Checking up on your potential clients from time to time in a personal manner would also help in terms of attracting them as clients. 

By staying in touch they will think of your organization first when someone says digital marketing. This is a slower method but holds a higher value to it as these connections may last a lifetime. 

6.      Create emailers and consumable content;

Start email newsletters and post relevant content pertaining to your brand, this will not only portray your agency as knowledgeable but also reliable. Email potential clients regularly about the happenings or projections of the industry.

Another cool way to onboard clients would be to gain a following using relatable and consumable content, Granted this won’t attract the specific niche of potential clients only but it will be something to show as the company’s work and reference for campaigns.

7.      Buff up your agency before approaching clients

 Use a variation of marketing forms that resonate with your brand best, every major social media platform has a particular method of marketing that works best, by marketing your own brand, you will not only gain exposure but also get a hang of the platform making the clients get an idea that you know the platform well enough to convert sales using the platform.

Every platform is different and this might even help the brand attract clients from multiple avenues giving you a better clientele. Another method would be to form a strategic partnership with brands you would like to work with.

 This will give your brand access to all the clients of the other brand and clients who come for either service can work with both your brand and the brand you have partnered up with making it easier to convert clients. 

8.      Start an educational digital marketing course

 We have all wondered why a teacher never put their knowledge to work and excelled in that career. The reality of that situation is that they were only passionate about teaching the subjects and watching their students grow. 

What if you could change that? With the digital age opening opportunities for any smart individual to become a teacher, the courses that have a following will emerge on top at the end of the day, If you are able to curate a course and affiliate it with your agency more people will have the tools to believe in your brand as much as you do. 

9.      Use tools to make your brand look more professional

Conducting an SEO for your brand will help your brand appear in more places and at the top of search results. This will make potential clients get a rough idea of how reputable your work is rather than looking at the longevity of the agency or basing their decisions on what kind of clients you have been able to loop in previously.

Getting testimonials of clients or other people who have used your service will help drastically as a good review is always good business!

Create a strong portfolio online with your best work. This will allow the potential clients to see the quality of what they will get and push them towards doing business with your brand.

10.   Be more visible to your clients

Onboarding clients on a broad platform was not the most effective method as there are millions to compete within that same space. If you target niches, however, you could have a better success rate as you can directly target that niche of people and sell it to them specifically, this way you might even be able to find multiple clients in the same space! 

Send clients personalized emails outlining your brand and service as they are more likely to open the mail when it is specified to them. This is an old method that still has a good success rate to this day, it also keeps your brand more accessible to the clients if they change their mind about doing business with your brand. 

Lastly, being able to work with the client’s whims and demands is very important as they will have the ultimate say at the end of the day. Something simple like offering clients or potential clients multiple options for everything from campaigns to payment options for them to work with. Ease of access is extremely important in any industry and by focusing on the comfort of the client, the brand is likely to get more clients. 

Is it going to be easy?(Conclusion)

More than it is easy or difficult, It will keep throwing challenges at you and it is up to you to classify them as easy or hard. Starting a brand is a commitment and a mark you will leave behind as your work and legacy. And staying true to your brand is equally as important as onboarding clients, and updating your brand and yourself with current times will help even more. With the right amount of dedication anything is possible. Good luck to all you budding entrepreneurs. Your time will come!

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