August 18, 2020

Bolly4u_ Download 300MB dual Audio HD movies without any cost

When I was a little kid if we want to watch a newly released movie either we should watch in the theatres or buy a CD of that particular movie. But, In the present day, everything is readily available online for free. Now if we want to watch our favorite movies again or newly released movies instead of going to the theatres, the internet is the best source for everyone.

The internet became boon for everyone. Besides, everything is freely available to us. If you want to watch your favorite movies instead of going to the theatres, there are numerous movie streaming torrents are available online. There are many sources that have been contributing movies through legal and illegal ways. So either you can stream on authorized sites or unauthorized sites online. But, you have to keep in mind one thing is, watching and downloading movies through illegal ways is considered a punishable offense.

Bolly4u is also one of the illegal content streaming sites online. It has been leaking movies of various languages on its website illegally. Whatever it has been offering is completely free of cost. Besides, It will be the perfect source for those who are love to watch free movies often. If you want to know more about Bolly4u then you have to follow this entire guide.


About Bolly4u

Bolly4u  has been offering a massive collection of pirated movies of several languages. It gives the convenience to the users to watch and download their favorite movies in various languages without any restriction. Besides, you can watch unlimited movies through Bolly4u without any subscription required. Whatever you stream on it is completely free of cost and it does not require even any registration.

Bolly4u has been contributing to Bollywood, Hollywood, and Dubbed movies of various languages. Yet, you are able to stream movies on even your mobile or pc with HD quality video. It allows you to even download your required movies in various qualities like 360p,480p,720p,1080p to watch offline. Apart from movies, it will offer you a wide verity of tv shows, web series for free.

Bolly4u has several features that are different from other sites online. It has a user-friendly interface, even you are new to this site, you can freely watch and download your wanted movies without any trouble.

Categories of Bolly4u

Bolly4u has a simple interface with a wide verity of movies. It makes it easy for its users to find their desired. movies through its categories options. Anyone can easily find their required movie on Bolly4u without any annoyance.

  • South Hindi dubbed300MB movies
  • Bollywood720p movies
  • Hollywood movies 300MB
  • Pakistani movies
  • Punjabi movies
  • Telugu movies
  • Web series
  • Tv shows

Why Bolly4u was Down in some countries?

As we said above, Bolly4u is an illegal content streaming site online. It has been leaking almost all newly released movies of various film industries and uploading them on its website. Bolly4u became a boon for all the movie lovers. Besides, it is attracting netizens with its illegal content distribution online.

However, it is hugely affecting the entire film industry. Also, there are lots of filmmakers complaining about all the unlawful sites online. So, the government has taken a strict decision to prevent all the illegal torrents including Bolly4u. Due to this piracy, Bolly4u was banned in some countries by ISP. However, watching and downloading movies through illegal sources is a punishable offense.

How can we unblock Bolly4u in my country?

Bolly4u is completely an unauthorized site online. It has been offering a massive collection of movies against the government. So it was banned by ISP in some countries due to copyright infringement. If the Bolly4u was unable to access even in your country, so don’t bother. Because, in this guide, we will explain to you how to unblock Bolly4u in your country safely. Let see below how to unblock it step by step.

Step1. Firstly, You have to Download your favorite VPN software from the play store.

Step2: Then, You have to connect your device to the Internet by using the VPN and select a location where Bolly4u is available.

Step3: After this process, you have to browse with  Bolly4u original site or its other domains.

Step4: Then, you are able to download your favorite music stuff from world free without any annoyance.

By using a VPN in your device it will protect your data and IP address from the third party or hackers.

Alternatives for Bolly4u

We don’t know how long Bolly4u with us because it was an unlawful site. So, whenever it may ban if it was not banned in your country. Its betters to have some alternatives to continue your enjoyment by watching free movies online. So, I have filtered for best alternatives for Bolly4u and given them below for you. All these alternatives will never disappoint you in streaming your favorite movies with HD quality.

Legal alternatives to Bolly4u



Amazon prime



These will offer you everything you desired, but here you have to get a subscription. All these are legal sources, so you have to pay for them.

Free Alternatives to Bolly4u

Madras Rockers













These free sites will offer whatever you want for free of cost. Yet, these are completely illegal sites online like Bolly4u. But streaming movies on unlawful sites considered as a punishable offense. So, it’s better to go through legal ways to watch your required movies online.

Final Note

Bolly4u was a notorious torrent online has advanced features than others. It will never disappoint its users in contributing updated content with HD quality. Further, it will be the best choice for all the movie lovers, but the only issue with Bolly4u is, it was an unauthorized site online. But, it does not mean we are encouraging piracy.

Whatever you did read in this guide was just information about Bolly4u. But, we are not supporting and promoting any illegal sites in any way through this guide.



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