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On March 7, 2021
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We all have a fondness for the cosmos above us. Ambience is another flagship projector from Encalife that has some outstanding features to make your bedroom into a planetarium. If any of your family members have an insomnia problem or just want to enjoy a beautiful life, you must check Ambience projector.

They provide you with a crystal-clear recreation of the night sky. Set one up yourself to get a demo of our universe. However, you can also use this one to study constellations and planets with your kids. No matter how you choose to use it, a star projector lets you enjoy the beauty beyond our planet in your very own home

This amazing device comes with incredible features that will enable us to enjoy your night more than ever. The box comes with one ambience galaxy and star projector, remote control, and a gift box. Let’s check out Ambience Start projector features in detail.

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  1. Sleep Timer

Ambience will come with a Sleep timer feature. SO you don’t need to worry about leaving this night on a light entire night. It comes with an adjustable timer so that you can turn this off anytime you want.

This option is great for letting your kids get some sleep at night without having to wait for them to turn this device off. Because after all, parents deserve to wind down too.

  1. 21 Lighting Modes

Never get bored with the many galaxy light variations from this bedroom night light! Choose or combine 4 different colors and pick your motion. The light can be blue, white, red, or green, or a combination of any 2 of those colors. Plus, you can select either stationary or set it to motion at different speeds. Letting you visit a different galaxy every night!

  1. Bluetooth Speaker

With an Ambience Bluetooth speaker, you can enjoy your favorite music, or listen to your playlist before going to bed! This Star Light galaxy projector for adults & kids’ bedroom use comes with a high-quality Bluetooth speaker.

You can also play bedtime stories or soothing sounds for your kids easily for added effect. You can easily pair this projector device with your phone or other device and relax the night away.

  1. Control from anywhere

You do not need to get up just to adjust the settings on this galaxy projector! Easily play music, change light settings, or switch on and off from the comforts of your bed.

Enjoy the stars and galaxies and play some soothing music easily from anywhere in the room! It can also work with Alexa and Google home.

Final Verdict

Ambiance will turn your kid’s bedroom into a planetarium! The starry nebula clouds and night skylights add a soothing effect that feels natural. It provides not too bright or too dark; the right amount of night light for sleeping. Perfect for kids with the fear of the dark. No more boring night lights, No more insomnia.

Currently, there is an offer running at the Encalife website where if you buy two products at once, you will get 5%, buy 3 to get a 10% discount. Free shipping, 100% safe checkouts, and free returns as well. You can return a product for a refund within 30 days of delivery.

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