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On March 6, 2021
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Since the inception of humans, nothing has attracted humans like the cosmos above. Even to this day, the universe holds a lot of mystery, beauty, and interest. Unfortunately, most people are not able to experience the joy of sitting out in the darkness and enjoying the view of the sky and the twinkling stars. Light pollution makes that picturesque view nothing more than an expanse of black.

Luckily, there are some ways that you can enjoy the wonders of the universe in your own bedroom! The atmosphere from encalife will turn your bedroom into a planetarium! It splashes stars and celestial bodies onto the ceilings and walls, creating a unique environment you will never want to leave.

The device also provides you with a crystal-clear recreation of the night sky. Once you set it up you will see some perspective of the size of our universe. Or use one to study constellations and planets with your kids. No matter how you choose to use it, and Atmosphere will let you enjoy the beauty beyond our planet in your very own home.

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Whether you are looking to add some fancy to your child’s room, or you simply want to enjoy the cosmos for yourself, Atmosphere offers a lot of benefits. Let’s check some of the awesome features Atmosphere has to provide.

Nebula Cloud Colors

Never get bored with the many galaxy light variations from this bedroom night light!  Choose from a nearly infinite number of nebula colors using the color wheel on your smartphone. From cool crystal blue to fiery red, you can set the mood easily by selecting any color you can think of.

The stars and the nebula can move as slowly or as quickly as you want them to. You can slow it down when you unwind or increase the pace when you want to make your room more energetic.

Adjustable brightness

Easily adjust the brightness of your nebula and stars individually. You can opt to dim the stars and increase the nebula for an airier feel—or you can dim the nebula and brighten the stars to mimic the night sky—anything goes!

Voice Control with Alexa & Google

You don’t need to get up just to adjust the settings on this galaxy projector! Easily play music, change light settings, or switch on and off from the comforts of your bed. The device seamlessly works with Alexa and Google Home. Enjoy the stars and galaxies and play some soothing music easily from anywhere in the room!

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Shutdown timer

No need to worry about leaving this night light on an entire night! This comes with an adjustable timer that you can set to shut off anytime you want. An awesome feature for letting your kids get some sleep at night without having to wait for them to turn this device off. Because after all, parents deserve to wind down too.

Final Verdict

The Atmosphere – Smart galaxy & Star projector is an excellent room accessory with a lot to offer. Thanks to its versatile design, it is perfectly suitable for young kids, adults, and everyone in between.

I hope this review was helpful. Let me know your feedback in the comment section below.

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