The Rise of Technology: Which Helpful Gadgets Should You Invest in

Technology has come a long way, spanning several eras from the old days to what we now call the digital age. We’re living at a time when living without technology seems impossible. From communication and entertainment to work and travel, people tend to depend more and more on gadgets, especially smartphones and computers. With these tools, we can get our day-to-day tasks done with a few taps or clicks on our devices.

Need to work on your thesis? A trip to the library can lead you to countless reading materials—and so if you do a Google search on your laptop. Trying to get your food preparation skills up to speed? Subscribe to cooking channels on YouTube and watch video content at any time. Or, perhaps you’re looking to work on your financial freedom goals? Get started with budgeting and expense tracking via mobile apps.

Indeed, how technology has expanded its use in several aspects of our lives makes them more of a necessity than a luxury. This begs the question: Which gadgets should you prioritize in your must-haves?

In this post, we’re dropping our recommendations on the top gadgets you need in your life right now—whether you’re a freelancer in need of work productivity tools, a student looking for reliable equipment for online learning, or a tech-savvy adult who finds home automation gadgets the future of smart, luxury living.

For Freelancers

  • Electric scooter

You probably work from home most of the time, with not just one or two clients in your roster of employers. That leaves you with tons of deliverables to work on, making it vital that you manage your schedule well, including the time you need to go out for errands.

With an electric scooter, you can head to the grocery for your weekly shopping, pick up your laundry, go to your dentist appointments—the list goes on—without getting stuck in traffic jams. E-scooters boast powerful motors while providing the style you want to quickly and comfortably get around the city before tackling your work for the day.

  • Rangefinder camera

If you’re a photographer by profession, then it makes perfect sense to pay serious attention to the type of camera you use. Taking pictures on your smartphone and using filters just won’t cut it with clients who love showcasing their brand’s Instagrammability.

Make a good impression by opting for high-quality cameras, such as a rangefinder. These portable film cameras are called as such because they help you focus on your subject using a built-in dual-image range finding mechanism. Rangefinders are great at capturing sharp images while you’re doing street photography or photo documentaries.

For Students

  • Laptop

With online schooling taking place globally as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, students need a dedicated laptop they can use while studying from home. There’s no shortage of entry-level, mid-range, or high-end laptops in the market, so choosing which one to get is a matter of identifying the features or budget that’s most suitable for you.

For instance, if your schoolwork isn’t graphic-intensive, then a regular laptop that can connect to the internet and process and store small documents should suffice.

As for budget constraints, there’s nothing that refurbished electronics can’t deliver as you can find revamped laptops in like-new condition, looks- and performance-wise. Their affordable price should help ease your worries, especially if you’re trying to manage your student loan and put your finances back in order.

  • Smart water bottle

It’s easy to get caught up in your day as a student—tons of reading and writing reports, beating deadlines, doing school club duties, the works. But unless you’re well-hydrated, you might find yourself struggling to think straight or have enough energy to excel in class.

A smart water bottle can help ensure you’re consuming fluids at healthy levels. These bottles come with smart technologies in the form of LED that lights up every so often to remind you to hydrate. Their accompanying apps let you track your hydration and water intake goals as well. They look so cool to carry around, too.

For Homebodies

  • Smart speaker with a display

Smart speakers keep getting better. These AI-powered, voice-enabled speakers land up in many homes because they’re very efficient housemates and companions. Use them to remind you of your to-do list, launch your playlist, tune in the news, ask for the nearest drive-thru coffee shop and how long it will take you to reach it, and so many more.

Plus, they now come with a screen display, which can come in handy if you’re watching recipe videos while whipping up a meal before everyone comes home or calling your loved ones via Skype, Viber, or Facebook Messenger.

  • Dog camera

If you’re a pet parent, chances are your furry friends are rarely left out of family decisions. That includes how to take care of them while you’re in the office, school, or gym, making sure you can monitor them while you’re away.

For that, dog cameras can be heaven-sent. These tools are equipped with a two-way audio system that you can access via the app on your smartphone, so imagine how delighted your pet companion would be to hear your voice from a distance. On your end, you can see their location and activities, just like in a CCTV camera.

Another feature both you and your dogs will love about this device is that you can give them their treats, again using the app installed on your phone.

Final Message

No doubt, tech gadgets are the future of work, studies, home management, and more. With their advanced features and capabilities, they add a great deal of convenience and enjoyment to our daily lives. And the best thing is you don’t have to spend a fortune to own one, making them truly worth investing in.

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