Fans on Twitter Reacted to Katy Perry's Wild Club Antics

Katy Perry saved the nite by distributing free meals in a crowded club!

During the vacation, the vocalist went to a bar in Las Vegas, or things got a little corny, no pun intended.

A video of Perry dropping pizza pieces directly into the box.

A seemingly inebriated crowd has gone onto Twitter, or fans cannot stop laughing.

Perry can be seen in the clip wearing a pink dress with a quirky hat.

As she grins or bobs her head to the tunes, she whips pizza pieces into the excited audience.

The singer shoots the slices, along with a sheet or napkin, at times.

At one point in time, she tossed them round wildly, like frisbees, for people to catch with their bare hands.

One Twitter user shared the funny video of the "Last Friday Evening (TGIF)" singer with the caption "help."