7 Ways To Boost Traffic to Your New Business

Look at these Internet Live Stats, and you will be surprised to know that there are over 1.5 billion websites on the Internet today! Although, only less than 200 million of these are active. This says for every business, whether starting a business like a farm, or a giant an online presence is a must in the current digital era. Because of this, companies face a new challenge to stand out in the competition over the worldwide web.

The budding entrepreneurs constantly worry about getting new customers, generating more leads, and gaining website traffic. We have good news for those new businessmen who are finding ways to boost traffic on their websites. In this piece, we will share seven promising ways of generating traffic for new business.

Let’s take a look!

1. Leverage LinkedIn

LinkedIn is no more a mere social media app or job-finding platform. Instead, it has become a corporate platform where businesses can advertise and individuals can promote their brands. Creating your profile on the world’s largest professional networking platform has its benefits. You can enhance your reach in the same industry as your business through your profile. Moreover, you can post content consistently on your feed, get fellow users to engage with it, and thereby increase traffic. You can gradually increase your LinkedIn followers and turn them later to your potential customers. Developing a 24*7 business answering service could help your website grow by answering all queries raised from either LinkedIn or other social media.

2. Don’t Skip Email Marketing Campaigns

Yes, that’s correct. For SMBs, email marketing can be a lucrative source for generating traffic and revenue. 87% of marketers prefer to use email marketing when their ultimate goal is to drive organic traffic through quality content delivery. 72% prefer emails, while only 17% prefer social media for receiving promotional content from their favorite brands. It can be understood, thus, how email marketing campaigns can do wonders for a growing business.

If you don’t believe in the power of email marketing, just look at how Swiggy is killing the market using it. You can start running effective email campaigns to get you a pool of new customers for your business. You can start sharing quality content, attach images, videos, and links, and insert specific CTAs over emails to make visitors turn to your customers in no time.

3. Develop a Responsive Website Design

But why? Because;

  1. 52.2% of web traffic out of all is generated through mobile phones
  2. 61% of consumers like purchasing from brands that have a mobile-optimized website

Earlier people used to make phone calls to know about the products/services of a business. Now they open the business website and get the needed information. If you think that creating a business site optimized only for PCs will work, you are badly mistaken.

You need to have a responsive website. It means the site should change its appearance, user interface, and user experience depending on which device it is opened. Also, responsive design is now one of Google’s ranking factors. So, if your site isn’t responsive enough, it will not appear higher on SERPs. You can do the further math here – it’s easy. Lack of responsive design = drop in ranking = no organic traffic.

4. Beat The Drum Loud on Social Media

It’s noteworthy that social media users are quite supporting budding businesses, family ventures, and startups. Perhaps you can take advantage of it, too. The survey here shows that small & new businesses preferred social media marketing for excellent brand promotion from all the marketing strategies. The same study reveals that 69.6% of small businesses used Facebook, 48.3% used Instagram, and 47% used Twitter for advertising through social media.

To your extreme surprise, platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Pinterest can help a business lot get traffic. Businesses can interact with their target audience through these platforms and share a link to their website publicly. Entrepreneurs can go live and share information about their new business, organize a contest and gain an audience, or post on their feed to drive in traffic. A business that knows how to win the social media game can soon become a brand!

5. Ensure a Secure Website Protocol

As of February 2021, Google – the online search engine, leads with an 86.6 percent share in the global search market. It means every website has to follow Google’s ranking factors guidelines to rank on the search results page. And a secure hypertext transfer protocol is one of them now. Crawl this list, and you will find HTTPS as a ranking factor on the 77th position. So if you want more customers on your site, first focus on having a secured protocol. Only then will Google divert more traffic towards your website.

6. Invest in On-page & Off-page SEO

Sounds familiar, right? Well, your digital marketer must have already told you to spare a budget for SEO, but you didn’t listen to them. No problem, do it now. On-page and off-page SEO plays a pivotal role when it comes to boosting traffic for your website. Create perfect title tags, image ALT tags, and meta descriptions on your website. Insert keywords organically to your website content, so it appears higher on SERPs. Don’t forget internal linking, external linking, and getting backlinks from stronger domains. All these little SEO tactics will surely help you get traffic for your new business website.

7. Create Content That Converts

You might have read this statement multiple times – ‘content is the king’ on the internet. Yes, it is. Google and Bing love to rank those websites whose content is qualitative, relevant, appealing, engaging, and problem-solving. If it weren’t true, why do you think every website today runs a blog, publishes case studies & white papers, sends emails, and creates images & videos! Being a new business requires a lot of effort to get traffic. Creating content that either solves a query, gives information, or makes consumers aware of your business can help you in real.


Keep calm. Boosting traffic for your new business can look terrifying at first, but with these seven strategies, you can do it easily. Simply invest in the right resources and hire the required professionals to guide you where you lack. Soon you will ace the art of driving in a pool of people to any business!

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