What Is the Best PDF Converter App?

PDF, known as Portable Document Format, was introduced by Adobe Systems in the ’90s. This file format has become a widely acceptable computer application around the world. PDF integrates data into a non-editable form and is a popular choice for users who are concerned about readability and security features. Additionally, PDF consumes less memory than most of the other file formats. For this reason, many organizations opt to use portable document format to speed up their work processes.

Why Use Free PDF Converter Apps?

In our daily lives during work or study, we encounter situations where we have to use PDF format. This format allows reading content easily on any type of device, even on smartphones. But what should you do when you want to edit or make changes in PDF file format?

Here’s what you need when you make amendments in a PDF format – you need a free PDF converter. Yes, these are tools designed to convert portable document format into an editable format that you can use to make as many changes as you want.

If you plan to go digital with PDFs, a PDF converter on hand is a must. Before we talk about the free best free PDF converter apps in the market, let’s first understand why we need these in the first place.

Secure data storage: Did you know that a PDF converter can transform your file into Word and Excel documents within minutes? These tools can also convert back to PDF. Since PDF makes a natural choice for long-term file storage, and once you make the desired changes, you can always convert them back to PDF. The tool is a perfect choice to keep financial records safe and secure. With PDFS, you can decide who can access your data.

Convenient paper to digital conversion: If you want to convert all your paper documents into a digital storage system, free PDF converter tools are what you need. Instead of typing each word by hand, you just simply need to scan the documents. Once scanned, the OCR technology of PDF converter tools captures text in seconds, allowing you to enter the digital age with ease.

Provides e-sign technology: Many businesses have to take care of transactions online. So instead of mailing your paper contract, why don’t you create a digital PDF contract instead? You save mailing costs, time, and efforts that are put in making the mailing arrangements. A digital PDF contract goes directly into the customer’s mailbox with just a few clicks.

You must be wondering how to manage signatures from your suppliers this way? Fret not! You can e-sign your documents by simply converting PDF from free PDF converter tools. Select your preferred editor and just click the ‘e-sign’ option.

Efficient document editing: The best part about a free PDF converter app is that you can convert PDFs to various file formats on your smartphone. You don’t have to turn on your system and send a file to the computer to make the changes. As long as your mobile supports your desired file formats, converting and making changes from your smartphone is made easy with these powerful applications.

Best PDF Converter Apps

You should look for a free PDF converter app that lets you modify text and figures practically automatically. When mobile phones and applications make your life easier, then make smart use of them. A free PDF converter app is undoubtedly a big plus for business owners who have to coordinate e-commerce teams and tasks.

Let’s look at some of the dedicated PDF converter apps that you can use for yourself to edit and retrieve data to and from PDFs.

PDF Converter – Convert PDF to Word Document

The first app that we recommend is a free PDF converter by Content Arcade Apps. This is a handy app that pdf convert to word in all file formats. This app also offers conversion to the Zip file. Other than conversion, they are equipped with additional features such as PDF lock and unlock, PDF split and merge watermark and many more.

Apowersoft PDF converter

Apowersoft lets you convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPN, PNG, and vice versa. While using Apowersoft free PDF converter, you can convert multiple files at a time. Someone who is not a tech expert can use this application because of its extremely simple and easy to use interface.

Foxit PDF Reader Mobile

If you are looking for a PDF editor, then this app is for you. The application is compatible with Android and iPhones and allows users to edit your PDF files without having to convert them. You can even add images, audio, and videos to your file.

With all the best options available, what are you waiting for? Download one of the apps and start converting your PDFs.


The above-discussed ODF tools may provide you great assistance in converting your PDF to other document formats. You can use any one of them as per your requirements from any part of the planet without any hesitation.

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