Ways to get a faster loading WordPress website

If you want to fasten up the speed of the website of WordPress, the whole article explains its ways as well as the process. Speedy loading of the pages helps in increasing the experience of the user, enhances the views of the page as well as assists with the SEO of WordPress. To increase the speed there is also the need for a strategy named Inbound Marketing Strategy. All the useful tips for the optimization of speed will be discussed here.

Why is there a necessity for speed in the WordPress site?

From the studies of the last many years, it has been seen that human recognition has fallen to 5-7 seconds. This means that the owner of the website needs to show interesting content within a few seconds and persuade them to stay on the website. If the website is working slowly it will make the user leave the website even before it gets open. CRM Strategy helps in making the better performance of WordPress.

To make the websites work harder Google and other search engines have put the slower websites at the end of the search which causes a reduction in the traffic for the particular website. Concluding it, if the owner needs the numerous traffic on its website then it needs to make the speed of the WordPress site as fast as possible.

How to analyze the speed of the WordPress Website?

Sometimes the starter who has just made their website thinks that the site is working OK in their computer means it is working fine everywhere, which is a big mistake. As the repeated use of the website makes the current browsers such as Chrome reserve the website in the cache and the time you begin typing it automatically shows the address on the bar. This automatic working makes the website work as fast as possible.

Therefore, the user who visits the website firstly may not experience the same speed the owner is seeing on their own computer. And also people living in locations far from the website location may face a wholly different experience. This is the main reason why all the search engines make the owner think about the speed of the site as well as test the site timely by utilizing the tool such as WordPress speed test. This tool is available online and can be used free of cost to analyze the speed of the website.

After checking the speed through the test, the owner must know what speed it requires for making the site at the top while searching. The better loading time of the page is below 2 seconds. Therefore, the faster the speed of the site is, the better it will get the response. This whole game is of just a few seconds.

What is the cause for the slow speed of the website?

The report of the test will have numerous suggestions for the development. Nearly all of the idioms which are in technical language are hard for the starters to recognize. Studying which makes the website work slow is important for the enhancement of the performance as well as creating smarter decisions that work for a long-term basis.

The basic reasons for the slow working of the site of WordPress are:

  • The time server of web hosting is not genuinely arranged than it may cause a problem in the speed of the website.
  • If the site of WordPress is not properly platting cached pages, then this will lead to an overload of the server which results in making the site slow or collide wholly.
  • The size of the page should be according to the pages which are not optimized for the web.
  • If the plug-in so used is poorly coded then it may surely cause the speed slow of the website.
  • External scripts like ads, front loaders, etc., have a great impact on the working of the website as well as its speed.

Now from the above points, you know what affects the speed of the site. After knowing the reason there are ways that help in increasing the speed of the site.

A consequence of Better WordPress Hosting

The service of WordPress hosting plays a significant role in the performance of the website. A better shared hosting givers such as Bluehost or Siteground draws the additional measures for the optimization of the website for the show. Although, on shared hosting, there is a need for sharing of the resources of the server with numerous consumers.

This signifies that if the site which is the same may receive a lot of traffic or numerous customers, then it may have an effect on the whole performance of the server which in return will make the speed of the website very slow. Whereas, utilizing a managed WordPress hosting service allows the owner of the site to optimize the configuration of the server to work WordPress.

Controlling hosting of the WordPress, companies also prefer the backups which are automatically done, automatic WordPress updates as well as more of the enhanced security configuration to guard the website.

Fastening of WordPress in a simple way without coding

Creating any type of changes in the configuration of the website can be seen as a horrifying thought for the starters, specifically for the person who is not better in a technical way. Yet there is no need to worry for the user as they can easily take help from the service provider who helps in enhancing the performance of WordPress.

Installing of Caching Plug-in on the WordPress

The pages of WordPress are energetic. This explains that these are made on the fly all the time a single person visits and watches the post as well as the page of the website. To construct the pages on the WordPress which needs to run a procedure to search the needed information, combine these all together and afterward show it to the user.

This procedure requires a number of steps and it could actually slow the speed of the website when there will be an increase in the number of people visiting at once. This is the reason why everybody suggests every WordPress site utilizing a caching plugin. Caching in WordPress can create the site of WordPress anywhere from 2x to 5x faster.

Rather than going past the entire page generation process all the time, the caching plugin creates a copy of the page, the time the first page is being loaded and after that, the cached version is served to every particular user. Whenever, as users pay a visit to the WordPress site then a server recovers information from a MySQL database as well as the files of PHP. At last, it keeps them totally into the HTML content which is then served to the user.

As this is a big process, still a lot of steps can be skipped when the caching is being utilized. There are a number of good WordPress caching plug-ins that are accessible but it is suggested that it is better to utilize WP Rocket (premium) or WP Super (free) plug-in. These sites are easy to access and not hard to use. The difference will be seen by the visitors themselves.

Optimization of the speed for Images

Images in the content bring life and assist in enhancing engagement. Researchers from their research have established that the utilization of colored visuals builds people 80% more probable to read the content. Though, if the images are not attractive or interesting it can lead to a negative impact rather than positively helping. Actually, the non-optimization of the images is the biggest cause for the issues of the speed which are mostly found on the starter’s websites.

Before directly uploading the photo from the phone or camera, it is recommended that software of photo editing should be utilized for the optimization of the images to be put on the web many web development and email marketing companies as well does this thing. The actual size of the image file can be in a bigger size which may lead to a decrease in the speed. Because the software which helps in reducing the size of images can be a great help, this software is image file format and compression which helps in decreasing the size as much is needed.

At the starting of WP, only two patterns of images are used: JPEG as well as PNG. This PNG format is not squeezed whereas JPEG is the squeezed format of the file which somewhat decreases the quality of images.


These techniques which do not require any type of coding may help the owner in the future to speed up their loading of the website. There requires a CRM Strategy to plan all strategies for decreasing the loading speed as much as possible. The changes which come from these tips will seem very interesting and help in boosting the WordPress performance.

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