IRS refund  status 2022  child tax credit

A lot of uncertainty is floating around as hundreds of Americans hope to receive more child tax credits.

It remains to be seen if the government will reimburse parents for another Child Tax Credit payment this month.

A Google answer regarding Child Tax Credit payments has been circulating on Facebook.

A Child Tax Credit payment was made every 15th of the month from July to December with a final payment coming in April of 2022.

According to the Facebook user, the April payment is coming soon.

It appears that there will not be another Advanced Child Tax Credit payment, according to Ryan Dodson of Liberty Tax Services.

In the past, you would just get your Child Tax Credit when you filed your taxes; this year, that's not the case. 

The first half of it came early and the other half when you filed your taxes."

Essentially, the "payment" in April of 2022 is credited to you when you file your taxes and claim the credit, which often results in a refund.