April 27, 2020

How to Unblock 9 Anime | Top 10 sites like 9Anime

Nowadays, Animes have huge popularity over the world. They are entertaining us a lot with amazing concepts, Japanese culture and more in their Animes. Moreover, they allow everyone from a little kid to an old one to stream Animes for free without any restrictions. Animes fit for all age groups. Are you an Anime enthusiast?. If yes, so you are in the right place. Because now I am going to suggest the best anime platform 9Anime for all Anime lovers to stream and download all your favorite Animes online without paying.

What is 9Anime? How does it work?

9Anime is a popular Anime streaming site online. It will allow you to stream or download all your favorite Animes with English sub in HD. Here you can watch all your required Anime movies in high _quality without any interruptions. 9Anime will contribute to you a huge collection of Anime movies along with Anime series. So here you can watch all your favorite series HD. Moreover, it gives the convenience to download your favorite content to watch offline if you need.

I am sure, 9Anime is the best platform to stream or download all your favorite Animes. You may ask me a question, like If it is unable to access or if it is down or If it, not works. What should we do ?. If you are really worried about this?. So. I have the best two solutions for it. If you are unable to access 9anime, you can go with some other sites like 9Anime is one thing. So, for this, I have listed out for Top 10 Alternatives to 9Anime. All these will work likewise 9Anime. Another thing is,  you can unblock 9Anime by using a VPN application.

Top 10 Alternative sources to 9Animes


Crunchyroll is the best platform to stream and download Animes online. It allows users to stream on mobile and PC also. Crunchyroll is not completely free to stream, it will offer your favorite content for free but not in pretty quality.

Crunchyroll will contribute to you everything you want in Animes online for free with Ads and low quality.

If you want to stream in a high _quality Animes without any Ads?. So, you have to subscribe to Crunchyroll with $ 6.99 per month.

Crunchyroll allows you to stream a huge collection of Anime movies, series with over the 25000 episodes, manga, news, games and more for free as well as premium also.

official website:


2. Funimation

Funimation is also the Animes streaming platform online. This is also will work as a Crunchyroll. But, the only difference is Funimation will offer a more dubbed content and the Crunchyroll contributes the subbed content.

Otherwise, Funimation will offer you manga, foreign titles, and a huge collection of series, latest Anime movies in HD. Funimation is the best alternative to 9Anime to stream Animes in high _qulaity.

A free Funimation will allow you to stream Sample of the whole streaming library with Ads. So, you have to Subscribe the Funimation premium, premium plus, ultra _premium and enjoy all your required Animes streaming in HD without Ads troubles. Moreover, Funimation is safe to use on your mobile or PC.

official website:


3. Anime planet

Anime planet is the Anime streaming site online.  It was founded in 2001 as the first Anime and manga recommendation database. You can stream over 45000 legal Anime episodes on Anime planet.

Moreover, you can create a list on Anime planet and meet friends like you. Anime planet will keep your account secure. Here you can watch Animes as well as Manga also in HD online.

Anime planet has a simple interface so, you find your required content within seconds without getting any confusion. For this, No need to do anything just you have to get a registration or signup for it that’s enough. Then it will offer you a huge collection of popular Animes and Manga in HD for free.

official website:


4. Anime TV

Anime TV is a great platform to contribute to subbed and dubbed Anime movies, series online. It will allow you to stream on mobile or PC with HD quality.

Here you can search your required content from A to Z on its home page with your favorite character. Moreover, you may signup with your FB or twitter account to use Anime TV.

Anime Tv will offer you a huge collection of Anime series as well as movies in HD for free online. So, make this your choice to stream Animes online.

official website:


5. Go Go Anime

This is also the best site to stream Animes online. Here no need to get any registration, just you have to open Go Go Anime on your mobile or PC online. Then it will offer you a huge collection of latest Anime series, recently released movies on its home page.

You can search your required or favorite movies, series with Genres like action, comedy, horror, thriller, mystery, and more options you have on its home page. Moreover, it does not display any Ads during video streaming.

official website:


6. 4Anime

4 movies is a famous Anime streaming site online. It was designed with a simple and user _friendly interface. So, it allows you to search your required content by sort option. It will give you a Movies, series list from A to Z and Z to A.

Moreover, it has genre options also it has categories like comedy, horror, romance, action, adventure and more. All these will help you to find your required content quickly.

4anime has more options like a season, status, year, type all these will help in finding your favorite movies, series instantly without any late.

official website:


7. Anime freaks

Anime freaks are the best alternative for 9Anime. It will offer you thousands of dubbed and subbed anime movies, series with full episodes. Moreover, here you can stream a popular Dragon Ball Super, Attack on Titan, Naruto Shippuden in, one-piece and more.

Apart from watching Animes, it will give convenience to the users to download their favorite animes to watch offline. It does not require any payment for streaming. Anime freaks will contribute to you everything in HD  for free online.

official website:


8. Anime karma

Anime karma allows you to watch Tv shows, series, Anime movies and more in HD quality. Moreover, here you can watch and download your favorite movies, titles, series for free without annoyance.

Anime karma will offer you updated content on its home page frequently. Moreover, it gives the convenience to search your required content through the A to Z list on its home page. So, make it your choice to stream all your favorite Animes in HD quality for free.

official website:


9. Anime land

If you are really looking for the best and safe  Anime streaming site. So, Anime land is fit for you. It will allow you to watch high-quality Animes and manga online for free.

Anime land does not require any payment and registration.  So, You can stream or download your favorite content on your own mobile or PC without any trouble.

official website:


10. Anime frenzy

Anime frenzy is the best platform to stream a huge collection of dubbed and subbed Anime movies, series. Moreover, It will contribute your favorite content HD from 480p,780p up to 1080p quality.

No need to do anything to stream your favorite Animes through Anime frenzy. Just you have to open Anime frenzy on your own mobile or PC. Then you can search for your required content on the search bar of the Anime frenzy that’s enough. It will give your required content for free in HD without any restrictions.

official website:


How to Unblock 9Anime by using a VPN application

VPN(a virtual private network) is used to create a secure connection from one network to another over the internet. Moreover, VPN can be used to access region-restricted websites and it hides your real IP address. It protects your data from hackers and ISP.

If 9Anime is unable to access your location, you can access it by using a VPN application.

First of all, you need to choose the best VPN.

Then you have to download the application from the google play store.

Next, you need to connect VPN in various locations.

Then it will takeout your traffic into your VPN server.

When you connect to a VPN server then you are not only able to overcome the  Restrictions, but also secure your traffic.

Before that, you need to choose the best VPN applications that offer high _level security and more useful features.

What are the  best VPNs to unblock blocked websites

For this, I have listed the Best 4 VPNs to unblock blocked sites for free.

Follow this guide to find best VPN offers

All these 4 VPNs will offer a high _level security and these will helps to unblock all blocked websites.


In this article, I am explained how to unblock 9Anime by using a VPN application. Moreover, I gave a list of the top 10 alternatives to 9Anime and the best VPN applications to unblock 9Anime. I hope, all these will helpful for those who are unable to access 9Anime and looking for its alternatives.

In conclusion, I hope you enjoy this article on 9Anime and its alternatives. I think I covered all working and best alternatives to 9anime, all these will work likewise 9anime.

Therefore, If I forget to mention any best alternative for 9Anime, share with us in the comment section if you have any fit for 9Anime.

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