What's in Madonna's New Video NFT?

Madonna is the latest celebrity to join into the world of NFT.

She released an NFT that features an animated version of her giving birth to a tree while nude.

She created the video in partnership with SuperRare, a crypto art marketplace.

Madonna gives a glimpse of what her NFT video mean...

“My journey through life as a woman is like that of a tree, starting from a small seed. I’ve taught myself to be supple so I won’t break."

While predators pick at my fruit and scrape my bark, saw off my branches, chop me down....

...burn me to the ground, they will never destroy my essence nor take my glory, nor extinguish my soul.”

Madonna’s video NFT appears to be the first in a three-part collection, or triptych.

The singer further said that each video is about the process of birth, both literally and metaphorically.



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