What Has Happened to Hunter Moore from 'The Most Hated Man on the Internet'?

The recent true crime docuseries on Netflix follows the guy dubbed "the most hated person on the internet."

Hunter Moore's exploits are detailed in the 3 series with the same name.

who established a webpage that helped popularize the concept of revenge porn and was unapologetic about ruining people's lives for an income

Tinder Swindler(opens in new tab) and Don't F**k With Cats creatives created the Netflix documentary.

We hear from Moore's victims, policemen, activists who helped track him down, or even his old girlfriend.

While the events occurred above a decade ago, Moore's heinous legacy has unfortunately been carried along through internet trolling society.

Luckily, this did result in country laws prohibiting nonconsensual porn.

Moore's infamous webpage was IsAnyoneUp. Established in the 2010s or lasting 16 months,

The site was well-known for publishing naked pictures of people, 

...along with their identities and professions, accounts on social media and, on occasion, addresses.