Vin Scully passed away at the age of 94.

By Aravind

Vin Scully, the tone of the Los Angeles Dodgers for more than 60 years, die on Tuesday.

The MLB group announced the loss on Twitter, evolving the header to a pic of the late legend.

And using a microphone to change its profile picture to his 1 name.

"He was the Dodgers' tone and so much more," the team said in a touching declaration.

"He was their consciousness, their poet laureate, catching & chronicling their beauty.

They've all had their memories of fame, from Robinson to Sandy Koufax, Craig Harrison to David Price.

Scully was later lauded by the institution as "the pulse of a Dodgers - and in so many ways, the pulse of Los Angeles."

"We've managed to lose an icon," got to add Dodger President & CEO Stan Kasten.

"Vin Scully of a Dodgers of Los Angeles had one of the highest speakers in sports."