Todd and Julie Chrisley Talk Fraud Conviction

Todd and Julie Chrisley's lives were turned totally around.

The real estate tycoon or his wife were convicted of bank fraud or tax evasion this summer.

They're starting to talk about their new plan.

Chrisley Knows Best's stars have opened up about just how their life has changed.

Julie mentioned how she and her hubby were inspired to focus more on God after reading a brand-new book about comebacks.

Todd thinks that the bride's difficult situation they face up to 30 years in a jail cell only strengthened their relationship.

He mentioned, "I believe that my marriage is the strongest it has ever been for me privately.

For the first time in my entire life, I feel like my wedding is nourishing a part of me I did not know was starving."

"I feel like you've opened up more since all of this," he said particularly to Julie.