The Trump mob condemns Haley for fleeing the Capitol.

The committee's most recent hearings, held on Jan 6, focused on Donald Trump's After almost three hours,

...the unwillingness to withdraw from a throng of fans who physically attacked Congress came to a close.

Along with specifics about Mr. Trump's inaction during in the attack on Congress,

The panel viewed excerpts from a speech given by the then-president on Jan 7,

Two administration workers who quit following the Capitol incident testified in person.

The committee began by report that additional hearings would be held in Sept.

They also addressed the efforts of White House personnel to persuade Trump to act as president.

Rioters broke into the Capitol, prompting urgent radio contacts from Mike Pence's security detail.

Meanwhile, prosecutors have concluded their case against Steve Bannon,

... a terrorist agitator and Trump supporter who is facing criminal contempt of Congress charges.