'Soulframe' is a decade from the creators of 'Warframe'

Digital Extremes a.ka the "Warframe" studio since the launch of its mark game in 2013. Today, this is changing.

The creator explains its new game, "Soulframe," as more of a sibling to "Warframe."

It's a ten-year-long internet space ninja opus that spans number of genres.

Steve Sinclair, who is leaving his decade-long position as director of "Warframe" to help lead the new project,

According to The Washington Post, cooperative player-versus-environment combat is possible.

The game also shares "Warframe's" emphasis on procedurally generated environments, but it is a "mirror universe version of 'Warframe.'"

This also applies to the setting: "Warframe" is unlike anything else in the science fiction genre.

Flesh-Mech-Powered Spin; "Solframe" is odd enough for fantasy. This also holds true for gameplay.

"Unlike 'Warframe,' it focuses on melee combat," Sinclair explained.