Sophia Bush shares her husband's abortion story: 'It would drastically change his life, and hers, too'

The actress explained in an essay for Glamour that Hughes' ex-girlfriend  had an abortion when he was in his 20s. It changed his life, as well as  Bush's.

In Bush's words, "This is nothing short of a national emergency, but now it also feels incredibly personal."

I am deeply in love with this man. Without an abortion, he may never have entered my life, nor me into his.

The love of my life and a former partner of his had access to abortions in the past.

A young couple in their 20s had access to reproductive care, and we are now actively planning a family.

Bush and Hughes were married just a few weeks ago in Hughes' home state  of Oklahoma. Among 13 states outlined strict plans to "unequivocally ban  abortion" following the overturn, she writes.

"One door might have been forced to remain open, which would have closed  the door that led to our joy, our love, and our future," she explained.

According to Bush, over 25 million women lost their "fundamental  right" to choose their own future thanks to the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

We may have benefited from now-stripped access to abortion care, whether  we realize it or not. A woman I don't know had an abortion. Whether you  or your partner have had abortions."

Our autonomy gives us the power to determine our present, as well as the limitless potential of our future.

It's bigger. Luminous. It's more loving. It was more than we could have ever imagined. This is the story of our love.