Shonka Dukure, an Elvis impersonator, died a month after making her debut

Shonka Dukureh, who later made her feature film intro as...

...Big Mama Thornton, and played the role of Elvis in Baz Luhrmann's latest film, is deceased at 44.

Dukureh has found deceased in a bedroom at their Nashville home on Thursday.

As per the Metro Nashville Police officers, she lived there with her two2 kids.

One of the kids discovered her unresponsiveness and walked to a neighbor's apartment, where she dialed 911.

There have been no signs of wrong things, according police. The forensic pathologist still is waiting for autopsy results.

Dukureh played Big Mama Thornton, a blues singer, in the Elvis Presley bio film, which was made available to a worldwide audience in June.

The song Hound Dog, which Thornton initially documented in 1952, was performed by Dukureh.

Four years earlier, Elvis Presley, the movie went popular online later in its release.