As a black mother argued, the character had neglected her daughters.

A mom of 2 young black women who lives in Philadelphia and frequents Sesame Spot.

She claims that a performer clothed as a Soybean Street character fired her daughters on intent over the weekend.

It sparked an internet backlash.

On Saturday, the mom's Instagram profile posted a now-viral video.

Two young women are seen approaching the role of Rosita, Sesame Street's 1st bilingual Muppet, with excitement.

Although it appears that the performer interacted with other children before approaching the girls,

...The character in the video shakes his head "no" in the direction of two young black women.

"We were walking out of the Sesame Place and the children didn't want to look at the characters," the mom wrote on Instagram.

"This obnoxious guy said no to our children and then refused to hug the white girl next to us!"