Ryan Gosling's Bond, Bollywood, and set babies

He's the Hollywood darling nominated for an Oscar for his Fred Astaire movements in La La Land.

Ryan Gosling has revealed to Sky News that he has realized a long-held goal to star in an action film.

His most recent part has him portraying a secret agent, and he admits that James Bond analogies are unavoidable.

"I think you can't go into without those analogies, and we even admit it in the film," Gosling added.

I mean, there's now a point where he claims [the alias] 007 already was taken - I enjoy the idea that this is the case.

The film existed in a universe where people were aware of Bond films.

...and this was a less glammed-up version of it."

Following Daniel Craig's departure, the job of James Bond is now open for grabs.

It really doesn't appear to be something Gosling, who was born in Ontario, envisions in his future.