Riri Williams' Ironheart Armor Gets a First Look at Comic-Con 2022

In Black Panther: A Film, Riri Williams (Dominique Thorn) is on she journey to a Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Wakanda For ever and before launching her own Disney+ series next Sept.. whereas the

...A first Wakanda Forever teaser featured the beloved Champion constructing she first supersuit.

Funko's latest unveiling shows this character dressed in MK1 Ironheart armor.

Williams constructs this with materials and tools she has , similar to Iron Man's Mark I armor.

resulting in a less polished prototype The plan isn't as clumsy as Iron Person's original armor.

It has boosters that let her to fly as well as a repulsor gun on her arm. Check it out for yourself here.

"I was at home in Delaware when I received a phone call asking whether I wanted to perform this role.

It was the finest phone call I'd ever received "Thorne previously stated on getting the part.