Republican Josh Hawley fled rioters on January 6, and Twitter ran with it.

On Thursday, the Homes January 6 body played Capitol security footage of Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley.

who popularly raised his fist to protesters outside before fleeing for his life once those violators broke into the building

It sparked a flurry of online memes mocking Hawley for fleeing from the very people he had previously encouraged.

Elaine Luria, a Democrat from Virginia, presented the committee's case by looking at photos of Senate and House members leaving their chambers.

"Senator Josh Hawley had to escape as well," she said.

"He walked along the east front of the Capitol earlier that afternoon, before the special meeting [of Congress] began."

"As seen in this photograph, he raised his fist in solidarity with the protesters already gathered at the security gates."

The committee displayed the famed photograph of the senator raising his fist.

"Later that day, Senator Hawley fled as the protesters he helped organize stormed the Capitol.