Reese Witherspoon's Kids Share Summer Photos

Reese Witherspoon is attempting to make the the most of the last long days

... of the summer by going on a beach trip with her family.

Despite the fact that the precise location of the journey was not disclosed,

The Lawfully Blonde star spent time reading, resting, and having to eat frozen treats by the liquid with her sons.

Witherspoon logged on to Instagram to post photos in her gallery.

from of the trip, with the cute and simple caption: "Summer pic banquet."

Deacon and Tennessee (9), 2 of the star's 3 children, seem to be enjoying themselves in the photos.

One picture shows her little one os attempting to catch a football in mid-air over the sea.

Some other picture showed the small boy posing with his toes in the sand.

clearly overjoyed to be having to hold a massive jellyfish