Ray J's tattoo moved Brandy so much that she might get one of him as well.

Siblings who tattoo around each other stay together.

Ray J recently made headlines when he debuted a new massive piece of ink depicting  his sister Brandy's face on his leg 

...and the songstress admitted in a recent TMZ interview that she'd be willing to return the tribute.

When asked if she'd get a matching tattoo of her younger brother, the 43-year-old said, "Yes, but not that."

It's not surprising that the "The Boy Is Mine" singer would be wary of Ray-vision. J's

Alexey Mashkov created the piece, which includes a large rendition of Brandy's 

with the words "Bestest friends," "4ever," and "From Ray with love" written on her face, as well as covered in blood eyes.

While Brandy is unlikely to get a huge Ray J face tattooed on her body real soon, she had also stated that she would prefer a more subtle approach.

"His name is something simple," the singer of "Sitting Up in My Room" explained. "Perhaps in the back of my ear."