Oxford Shooting Survivor Moves AGT Judges: Love trumps hate

By Aravind

An 18-year-old vocalist who made it out alive an Oxford school shooting,

...Accoding toThis week on America's Got Talent, Michigan astounded the judges.

On Tuesday's episode, Oxford High School senior Ava Swiss took the stage to conduct Lauren Daigle's music "Remember."

Swiss disclosed before singing that she stayed alive a mass shooting in Nov 2021.

"My brother and I were involved in the Oxford school shooting on Nov 30th," Swiss clarified.

"4 of our students were killed, & 7 others were wounded, including a teacher.

As judge Simon Cowell inquired about her progress since the incident, Swiss replied, "It's been difficult.

I recall my brother & I speaking to each other and saying,

...'There's no chance we're never going back to that school.'

But now that we've been in school for about 2 months, things are improving."