New poll shows Democrats' 2024 presidential picks

By Aravind

According to a new poll released Wednesday, electorate are not involved in Joe Biden running for a second term.

The survey results were declared by Maury Blackman, CEO of the data company Premise.

In an incident of his podcast, Great Minds Think Information, Premise Poll makes the following claim:

Polls show that electorate are interested in a run by the current Vp.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton & President Kamala Harris

Governor Gavin Newsom of California & Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg are ranked third area.

According to the numbers, Biden's presidency has not motivated Democrats to appoint him to a second term.

By a 23-point margin, 61 percent of those surveyed said that they would favor

...a fresh president; 38percent said they'd invite another 4 years of Biden's presidency.