National Tequila Day: 22 Must-Try Tequilas

Tequila has a bad image by being a dangerous party drink that leads to crazy night outs & horrible hangovers.

Nevertheless, it is one of most adaptable drinks and may undoubtedly be enjoyed for its distinct flavors. either a cocktail or as a traditional sipper

Find out some of the best tequilas to sample this year on National Tequila Day.

Casa Noble has a reputation for being one of the smoothest and also most flavorful brands on the market.

Their Aejo tequila by far is the smoothest tequila I've every tasted.

It's made in an unusual fashion, matured for 2 years in a French oak cask. This tequila has a pleasant flavor.

Fruity flavors of dried fruit, butterscotch, & chocolate transition into contrasting peppery notes.

toasted flavors with a sweet cooked agave undertone