Most Democrats want someone other than Biden to run for president in 2024

According to a new poll, most Democrats want someone other than Joe Biden as their party's presidential candidate in 2024.

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 ...want Biden as their party's candidate, while 64% want someone else.

This could be very bad news for Biden's reelection hopes, but it's worse news when it comes to younger Democratic voters and how all voters see the country's future.

The survey found that 94% of Democrats younger than 30 want someone other than Biden to be their nominee.

Democratic respondents cited the president's age and job performance as the top reasons for wanting someone other than Biden to be the party's nominee.

A mere 13% of voters of all types say the United States is "on the right track," while 77% say it is "headed in the wrong direction."

If the next election were held today, Biden would likely defeat former President Donald Trump again.In 2024, Trump has strongly suggested he will run for the White House a third time.

In the poll, 44% of registered voters said they would vote for Biden, while 41% said they would vote for Trump, the Republican he defeated.

In the Times/Siena survey, 849 voters were questioned from Tuesday through Thursday.The margin of error was 4.1 percentage points.

Biden has been in the White House for nearly 18 months.