Monkeypox has been designated a global emergency by the WHO.

The WHO has announced a worldwide outbreak of monkeypox.

is monkeypox dangerous

A 'Global Health Emergency of International Concern' (PHEIC), which is one step below a 'pandemic.'

According to the WHO, a PHEIC is " extraordinary event that, due to its international reach, a public health risk to neighboring countries and necessitates a strong international response."

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COVID-19 was categorized as a PHEIC on Jan 30, 2020, after roughly 7,500 unique coronavirus cases were recorded.

On Mar 11, the same year, the agency declared it a 'pandemic.'

The most recent decision has been made on Thursday at a seven-hour conference of the International Health Regulations Emergency Committee.

Jul 21 to discuss the monkeypox outbreak in numerous countries.

The severity of a public health crisis is determined by this WHO committee.