Melanie Rauscher was found dead at the age of 35.

On Sunday, Jul 17, the outdoor fanatic was discovered dead after dog sitting at a residence near Prescott, Arizona.

According to TMZ, Ariz. When the proprietors arrived that afternoon, they discovered Rauscher dead in their guest room's bed.

In 2017, Rauscher was also seen on Episode 7 of Discovery's Naked and Afraid.

The following year, she appeared in season four off shoot of Naked and Afraid XL.

Jeremy McCaa, who co-starred alongside Rauscher on both the parent & XL shows,

"We just bonded from the moment we met," she recalls in a message to PEOPLE.

She was like the sister I never really had; our relationship developed into that of siblings, and we established a particular bond.

She constantly placed others ahead of self.

She was very popular in the Naked and Afraid group. "She will be missed by everyone," McCaa added.