A concerned Madonna faces backlash over her 'unsettling' Grammy video

Madonna's fans are "scared" and "unsettled" after watching a strange 13-second video posted to her social media just prior to the Grammys.

The 63-year-old posted the 13-second clip on Sunday just before the 2022 Grammy Awards,

that showed the Material Girl singer in the heavy silver chain and sheer black top with her blonde hair in four braids.

Her post featured a close-up of her face and her lips. In the video, she leans back and forth to the camera.

Many of her followers were confused by the bizarre TikTok she posted, asking why the Queen of Pop posted such a random thing.

A viewer wrote that the clip was "completely unsettling."

Another person commented, "Great!" I wonder how I will  close my eyes and  go to sleep now!”

It's hard for me to forget how fabulous she was in the 90s. She was an icon,” one user said.

Recent NSFW photos shared by the Evita star have sparked speculation that her pictures are heavily edited.