Love Island USA's Tyler: I'm heart Broken when Sereniti left

By Aravind

Tyler Radz, celebrity of "Love Island USA," had no thought that Sereniti Coils would become so popular. seized from him — or that their breakdown,

defeated by newcomer Bria Bryant, be taken away from him

...would force him to leave the Peacock reality show early.

"She was probably the person with whom I was nearest in there." And it simply shattered my heart.

Radz needs to reflect on the Spurs' emotional reaction to their split.

Bria, who showed up at the show with her brother Chazz Bryant, is a stunning beauty.

was tasked to matching her sibling with a girl, while he chose a boy for her.

Springs ended up to Chazz, which "blindedsided" Radz & left him in tears, he reveals.