Kris Jenner Performs a TikTok clink with Daughter Kylie

Kylie Jenner rapidly mastered TikTok, and now her mom is attempting to recreate her success.

The Kylie Skin owner or her adoring "mom" ager.

Her mom shows off their steps while going to rock out to the eerily suitable lyric.

"Kris Jenner Users Are an Internationally Famous Wonderful Woman," as per Paparazzi and the photographers.

In what appeared to be an office, the mother-daughter duo let loose and started dancing around.

Kris can be found in the clip performing not only dancing skills but also singing.

but a hot pink energy suit, while Kylie wears a skin-tight jumpsuit with an oversized black blazer.

Fans flocked to the comment page to show their support for the matriarch.

One supporter in specific stated unequivocally, "I love Kris."

Some other adoring fan made a comment, "she's so cute."