Katharine McPhee Takes a Trip to Canada with David Foster

Katharine McPhee exhibited holiday vibes while visiting Canada with hubby David Foster.

The 36-year-old singer/actress documented the celebrations in an Instagram Reels video set to the upbeat,

As the montage began, which has been placed together with nothing short of amazing video editors,

A helicopter is seen touching down on a beach, by the way, as pictures flash through a variety of stunning scenery.

The chopper appeared to be the favoured mode of transport for the tour.

Video footage even suggests Cooper was the pilot as the aircraft was later seen perched in snow-capped mountain ranges.

Shifting from bikini-clad running with friends in white sand with blue water backdrops to jumping in blobby

The excursion was all-encompassing, clothed in white snow in a sweatshirt and boots.

as McPhee showcased her fun moments with loved