Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Married in Las Vegas.

After more than 18 years after their disastrous relationship...

...celebrity pair Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck wed this past weekend in Las Vegas, according to court documents.

According to a marriage contract they presented in Clark County, Nevada, the couple officially married on Saturday.

Affleck, Benjamin Geza, and Lopez, Jennifer are recorded as the married couple, while Lopez's "new name" is given as Affleck, Jennifer.

In 2002, they met on the sets of the critically panned film "Gigli."

They became a sensation in media when they dated but delayed their planned 2003 wedding, then announced their split in early 2004.

"Bennifer," is the couple's public nickname from their first highly hyped relationship,

... that sparked outrage on the internet last year when photos of them together surfaced again.

Jennifer Lopez is married for the fourth time, and Ben Affleck is married for the second time.