American Horror Stories Premiere Has Intriguing Connection to Previous Season – Grade It!

On Thursday, the season 2 of AHS' anthology offshoot started, transporting fans to 1961 Mississippi.

Mr. Van Wirth (Denis O'Hare) is a wealthy toymaker looking for a new mom for his son Otis.

However, this story is not as lovely as it sounds. To begin with, Otis is solely motherless because of Mr. Van.

Wirth discovered his wife in bed with some other guy, a sin that landed them both nude in a deep hole.

And the procedure of finding a new mom is considerably worse: Mr. Van Wirth kidnaps helpless women.

...transforms them into living toys and forces them to perform in a "pageant."

Everything from place setting to folding the shirt is put to the unwilling competitors.

Whoever obtains the lowest score receives a one-way journey down the aforementioned well.

It's enough to drive you nuts, and one of the dolls tries to kill the newcomer Coby who earns Otis' favor by showing his magic acts.