Howie Mandel's Real Reason for Missing 'AGT'

Howie Mandel missing 20 minutes of the last week of audition.

Terry Crews said that on America's Got Talent that "Howie isn't here now."

We greet him well and hope that he recovers fast.

Howie made a triumphant return halfway through July 19 show. Here's what he said at the time of the tweet.

"You have been did miss," Terry said to Howie.

"I've had days of agony without you," Simon got to add.

"Do you feel good" Terry inquired.

"I am feeling 1000 times better," Howie replied. "I am overjoyed to be here.

When the John Glenn High School Dance Group took the stage,

…he was just in time to make judgments an act that was a clear homage to the bald-headed judge.

When Howie first did miss a segment of the ep on June 14,

"Howie Mandel isn't beginning to feel well, so he won't be on here tonight," replied host Terry Crews.