'Goodfellas' star Paul Sorvino kicked the bucket at the age of 83.

Paul Sorvino, well remembered for his role as Paulie Cicero in the 1990 gangster movie Goodfellas is no more at 83.

His Pr, Roger Neal, informed that he died of natural reasons at his house in Indiana.

Throughout his movie and Small screen career, which started in 1970,

...the Tony Award-nominated actor is best recognized for his performances of cops and gangsters.

His wife & three kids survive him.

Dee Dee Sorvino, his wife, said in a press statement his died, "there will be no more Paul Sorvino."

"He was my love and life and one of the best men to ever grace the film and stage," Mrs. Sorvino continued.

Sorvino, who was born in Brooklyn in 1939 but whose mom was a piano instructor,

...began his journey in show business in 1964 with the musical "Bajour."