Fascinating old Photos Offer a Glimpse Into a Different Time

By Aravind

For all we know, she could have been standing on the side of the road on Valentine's Day.

as well as selling flowers to passers-by who needed to purchase something quickly.

So there is no doubting the link between her holding flowers & wearing

...A shirt with a floral theme is a nice little contact. It's not, nevertheless, as cool as the actual woman.

The knitted top that the girl is wearing appears to be ahead of its time,

...that is what makes this vintage photo so captivating.

While a tie & collar layout is pretty cool, the knitting gives it an eight - bit computer game feel.

something a little more associated with 80s culture

...Not only does the orange and black contrast hold out, but

However, the woman's mascara stands out in a complementary manner.