Emmys: Kelly Reilly Going to Lead for ‘Yellowstone’ (Exclusive)

Yellowstone is the one T show that its Emmy prospects surged more from last season to this season.

Taylor Sheridan’s Paramount Network drama series that proved to be a late-blooming phenomenon during the pandemic.

Currently, Yellowstone is running for its 4th season.

Last three seasons it collectively garnered a single Emmy nom — it came last year

all eyes are now on the Montana-set Western, given that it already penetrated the uber-competitive best drama ensemble

With this sort of organic momentum, along with an aggressive push from the Paramount Network.

Yellowstone could be looking at a Schitt’s  Creek-like surge  is Yellowstone looking like a Schitt’s Creek-like surge.

Which is not out of the question, It’s not out of the question, that is why a large number of nominations are filed.



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