Drew Barrymore's Childhood Actress's Healthy Shower Online Video

Drew Barrymore, is American actress, is living her life to the fullest, savoring each moment, even when asked to dance in the rain.

On July 17, the 47-year-old shared a video of herself enjoying life in the rain, which went viral.

In a small Instagram video, the celebrity is heard saying:

Don't pass up possibilities to go out in the rain.

Many people would be surprised to learn that Drew Barrymore had a difficult upbringing.

Barrymore began her career in the entertainment industry when she became very young.

She was so young that she can't remember when. 

The actress revealed in her 2015 memoir Flower that she appeared in an ad while she was 11 months old.

She rose to fame, however, at the age of 5, when she appeared in Steven Spielberg's director movie ET.