Macklowe collection fetches $922 million at Sotheby's art auction

Real estate mogul Harry Macklowe and his wife, Linda, their art collection have been sold at the highest price ever at auction.

The total artwork has drawn around $922.2 million over the course of two different sales.

The Macklowe collection broke the previous record for the highest value of a single art collection 

the Peggy and David Rockefeller Collection, which reached a total of $835.1 million at Christie's in 2018.

The Macklowes married in their early 20s in 1959 and had since accrued all art work shortly after their marriage.

In 2018, during their divorce proceedings, a New York State Supreme Court judge ordered the Macklowes to sell 65 artworks

from their collection and split the profits, And they hired experts to value these art works.

Apart from the art collection, they have significant assets together, including a $72 million apartment, a yacht, and multiple commercial properties, according to court documents.