BTS Jungkook wins hearts over internet

Watch video of BTS Jungkook winning over the internet with his humble gesture at the airport

A video of BTS boy Jungkook has gone viral.The golden maknae of the group stepped out of the airport wearing an all-white outfit.

The boy decided to stop at the airport to bow down to his fans and BTS ARMY.

...He also performed a Namaste, leaving fans speechless at his kind humble gesture.

BTS, a popular boy band from the K-pop music genre, has been leading to the top with their music and singles over the years.

While the investigation was underway, McMahon stepped down as WWE's chairman and CEO.

A fan wrote, "He should have walked straight, but stopped a bit and bowed to the armies."

A second person commented, "He just realized he forgot to wear his mask.".

Another user wrote, "He forgot to go his own way, not in staff's direction."