Britney Spears is battling with her father Jamie in court.

By Aravind

Judge Brenda Penny ruled on Wednesday that 40-year-old vocalist will not have to sit in.

Variety reports that Spears will take an accumulation in

...her continuing legal battle to her dad, Jamie Lance.

"We are thrilled, but not surprised, that Judge Penny

..has reiterated her considerate & lawfully right decision.

Mr. Spears' shameful & needy attempt to take his own child's deposition is once again rejected.

"Mathew Rosengart, Britney's lawyer, tells The people in a declaration.

"Whatever decent man, particularly a dad, would accept his defeat and move on.

Judge Penny asserted throughout her judgment that deposition details would be disadvantageous to a case.

Rosengart tried to claim in court that a buildup would "retraumatize" Harpoons.

She had also asserted that she will not testify in any main element, according to the exit.