Brad Pitt wears a skirt to the premiere of' Bullet Train, revealing his tattoos.

On Tuesday, the actor wore a casual outfit to a Berlin screening of his new movie "Bullet Train."

Pitt, 58, wears a brown skirt, a perfectly matched jacket, and a mauve linen button-up shirt.

He also wore combat boots, exposing his shins — and a few hardly seen tattoo designs.

The performer has a lot of tattoos but hardly shows them off, especially on the red carpet.

One seems to be a large face, while the other appears to be a human skull.

...though the meaning of the two tattoos is unknown.

The sentence "absurdities de l'objet" (translation in French is "life is absurd"), his child's initials, an outline of Tzi the Iceman, and a Rumi quote 

 ...I will meet you there") are some of the tattoos on Pitt's arms.

He also has several tattoo designs dedicated to his former wife Angelina Jolie.