Beanie Feldstein’s surprising return to ‘Funny Girl’ stage

Tuesday night, Beanie Feldstein needed people - and she got them.

Her first performance in the Broadway revival of "Funny Girl" came after she announced on social media Sunday that she'd be leaving early because the production had taken a "different direction."

On Monday, Lea Michele of "Glee" was officially announced as her replacement in the role of Fanny Brice, starting Sept. 6.

There have been juicy exposes and catty rumors.I hear there will be more to come!I hear there will be more to come!

Because of the onslaught of media attention, Feldstein might leave even sooner than July 31.

It was a typical show until curtain call, when things got a little emotional.Co-star Jane Lynch maternally hugged Feldstein multiple times and mouthed, "I love you."

'Glee' co-star Michele will take over Lynch's role on Sept. 4.

A packed August Wilson Theatre was very boisterous for a Tuesday night, considering the revival's recent attendance woes.

There was a lot of affection in the crowd for the "Booksmart" actress, boosted by producers Sonia Friedman and Scott Landis' embarrassment over the casting switcheroo.

Another Broadway producer said, "They've made Beanie the underdog."It was pretty hard to do, but they succeeded."

She added: "Maybe Sonia would have been kinder to the actor playing Fanny Brice if it had been Mark Rylance."